Prohibited Items

Items prohibited for delivery to the CIS countries: Overview of the policy of the online store

The team of the online store strives to provide its customers with quality goods from Turkey with convenient delivery to the CIS countries. However, there are certain items that cannot be shipped as part of our shipping policy due to restrictions and restrictions. These restrictions are based on law, international shipping regulations, safety and ethical standards goals.

Please check the following categories of goods that are prohibited for delivery through to the CIS countries:

1. Hazardous materials and substances: Includes explosive, poisonous, radioactive and other dangerous substances such as chemicals, gases and explosive materials.

2. Weapons and ammunition: Includes all types of firearms and edged weapons, ammunition, combat knives and other similar goods.

3. Narcotics and psychotropic substances: Sending drugs, narcotic substances, psychotropic substances and their analogues, as well as goods related to the consumption of drugs is prohibited.

4. Perishable Products: Includes fresh products that may spoil during the shipping process, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products.

5. Animals and Plants: The shipment of live animals, plants and animal and plant products subject to restrictions and licenses is prohibited.

6. Prohibited Literature and Materials: Includes materials whose distribution is prohibited by law, such as extremist literature and pornographic content.

7. Restricted Items: Includes medical devices, restricted technology, and other items that require special permits.

8. Explosive and Flammable Substances: Includes items that may present an explosion or fire hazard.

9. Restricted Electronic Devices: Includes devices capable of violating privacy, such as spyware.

10. Tobacco and Alcohol: Tobacco and alcoholic beverages may not be shipped to countries where this is prohibited or restricted by law.

11. Cultural and Historical Property: It is prohibited to send artifacts, antiques, works of art and other items that violate the laws on the sale of such items.

12. Precious metals and stones: It is forbidden to send precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) and precious stones without proper permits.

13. Products containing alcohol: The shipment of alcohol, tobacco and products containing alcohol and tobacco is prohibited.

14. Flammable Liquids: Includes products that may be highly flammable.

15. Toxic Substances: Substances that may pose a health hazard are prohibited.

16. Lithium Battery Devices: Includes electronic devices powered by lithium batteries, which may be hazardous in transit.

17. Aerosols: Includes aerosol products such as hairspray, deodorants and other sprays.

18. Currency: It is forbidden to send real paper currency and coins to the CIS countries.

19. Religious Materials: Includes items with religious symbols, which may be subject to local restrictions.

20. Tattoo Equipment: Shipment of tattoo machines and related components is prohibited.

21. Appliances: Includes technically sophisticated devices that may require special import permits.

22. Perfumes: It is forbidden to send goods containing alcohol, including perfumes and perfumes.

We strongly encourage all of our customers to review this list before placing an order. Compliance with these restrictions allows us to provide security and quality of service for all our customers.